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Thursday Flyer 3/24/22

Thursday Flyer: March 24, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • 3/25/22: MMCA PTA Panda Express Fundraiser (see informational flyer below), plus link HERE

  • 3/28/22: Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 2:15p @ Azevedo Park

  • 3/28/22: MMCA Board of Directors March Meeting; agenda link HERE

  • 3/29/22: Girls’ VB @ Gateway, 3:45p

  • 3/31/22: Girls’ VB home vs. Bowman, 3:45p

  • 3/31/22: Last day to Preorder Yearbooks; order link HERE

  • 4/30/22: MMCA PTA Spring Festival, 3:00p-6:00p; flyer below

Weekly COVID-19 Update

Cumulative Case count: (58)

For COVID testing locations within Placer County, click HERE. Additionally, the federal government announced a +/- ‘free tests for all’ program, and the link to this program is HERE.

Summer School / Summer Camp Heads Ups:

Summer School: MMCA will again be offering a 16 day Summer School, as we continue to try and mitigate the learning loss related to the pandemic. Like last year, enrollment will be by invitation only initially, and then depending on availability will be opened up to the rest of our school community.

Summer Camp: Current Preschool - 2nd Grade parents: If you are interested in your kids going to MMCA Summer Camp, please take a moment to fill out the quick survey at this link HERE. If we have enough demand, we will offer Summer Camp again this year, and it’ll be similar to last years’ program. Last year’s Summer Camp website link is HERE for perspective.

Boys’ Soccer Tryouts Monday, 3/28/22, from 2:15p - 3:45p

The first day of Boys’ Soccer Tryouts will be on Monday, 3/28/22 at 2:15p. Boys in 5th-8th grade are eligible to try out. With boys’ soccer, there will be (1) team, games are (1) hour in length, usually starting around 3:30p.

Heads up: Next Year’s Calendar is Now Available

The 2022-2023 MMCA School Calendar is now available here.

MMCA Children’s House Enrollment Currently Open for the 2022-2023 School Year

Preschool spots are for potty-trained children that will be 3.5 - 5 in mid-August. Preschool spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Lost & Found!

PLEASE CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND CART! We have lots of items accumulating. Also a drawer full of other items including prescription glasses, jewelry, an ipod, gift cards, and much more! Please contact Cynthia or Denise for more details.


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