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MMCA Breakfast
& Hot Lunch Program

We have multiple partners to help make our Breakfast & Hot Lunch Program happen.  Our food vendor is Revolution Foods.  Our online ordering system is being provided by Boonli  (

On this website, we will post the:

1) A linked page with instructions for the Boonli hot lunch ordering webpage; and

​​2) The free and reduced lunch application for families

Hot Lunch Pricing:

ALL students are eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch through California's Universal Meals program again this school year.  

Regular Ordering Deadline:

Weekly ordering deadlines are SUNDAYS at 11:59pm (1 week ahead) for meals served the following Monday through Friday.  Late requests cannot be accommodated:


Deadline (11:59pm):                                           For meals served on:

August 20                                                               8/28-9/1

DID YOU KNOW?  You can order in advance for the entire month!  Make it easy!

Monthly Hot Lunch Menus are available in Boonli.


​Boonli Ordering system: (click the icon on the right) ​​

​​​​​All hot lunches will be ordered through the Boonli website. 

Parents may register and setup their account by clicking the Boonli

icon (instructions included with the link)

Nutrition Information:

Available on RevFoods website:

Please note that not all items are offered at MMCA each month as we are only able to offer a limited number of options at one time. 

Sample Month: 

Lunch Nutrition Report - August

Breakfast Nutrition Report - August

Questions?  Please email

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