MMCA Hot Lunch Program 2021-2022

Welcome to the MMCA Hot Lunch Program website!

Hot Lunch Questions?  Please email

This year, we have multiple partners to help make our Hot Lunch Program happen.  Our food vendor is Revolution Foods.  Our on-line ordering system is being provided by Boonli  (

On this website, we will post the:

1) A linked page with instructions for the Boonli hot lunch ordering webpage; and

2) The free and reduced lunch application for families interested in possibly receiving free or reduced priced lunches.  (Note: this is not necessary for the 21/22 school year; lunches are free to all students)

Hot Lunch Pricing:

All students are eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch during the 21/22 school year.  This is possible through waivers granted by the USDA.

Regular Ordering Deadline:

Weekly ordering deadlines are Mondays at 11:59pm for meals serves the following Tuesday through Monday:

Deadline (11:59pm):                              For meals served on:

1-Nov                                                       11/9-11/15

8-Nov                                                       11/16-11/19

15-Nov                                                     11/29/2021

22-Nov                                                     11/30-12/6

29-Nov                                                     12/7-12/13

6-Dec                                                       12/14-12/16

Continuing weekly on Mondays         Continuing Tues-Mon

Monthly Hot Lunch Menus are available in Boonli.

​Boonli Ordering system: (click the icon on the right) 

All hot lunches will be ordered through the Boonli website. 

Parents may register and setup their account by clicking the Boonli

icon (instructions included with the link)