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Volunteering at MMCA

Parent volunteers play an important role to the success of our school.  

When parents actively participate in their child's school their child benefits. 


Parent Volunteer Hours

We encourage parents to continue their support by being an active participant in their child's education by volunteering 40 hours per family per school year.


We value and encourage families to participate in school events, parent teacher conferences, attend PTA meetings, volunteer their time at school, and other parent enrichment activities provided by the school to inform and encourage parents to be leaders in our school community.

There are many volunteer opportunities during school hours, after school, or during the weekend. Volunteer opportunities include helping out in the office, or classroom, on field trips, with our Art Docent Program, Garden Docent Program, or our PTA.  Volunteering and attending school events, PTA general meetings, PTA board meetings,  and/or joining a committee are all ways to earn volunteer hours.

MMCA Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

Please contact if interested.

Need 1, 40+ hours:  Pivotal role to entire volunteer program. Need detail-oriented, organized person with enthusiastic “people-skills”. Oversee volunteer program doing the following: Tally volunteer hours per family, contact families not fulfilling hours. Work creatively to maximize volunteer participation. Report mid-year audit of families’ progress (confidential). Present newsletter ‘Wall of Fame’ for Volunteer of the Month. Attend PTA meetings and present updates.

Parking Lot Safety Monitors

Morning Pick-up Helper: Need several. Arrive 20 minutes before school, any day that you are available - 1, 5, 10 days or more!

Assist children out of cars, direct them to playground. Assist on playground if needed. Ensures adequate supervision of children before school.

Classroom Support

Please coordinate with Classroom Teachers directly.

Room Parents: Need 2 per room , 40 hours each

Field Trip Organizer: This person is organized, dependable and values field trip opportunities for our students. Consult with teachers to help plan and organize field trips for classroom. Collect and manage funds for class activities. Ensure enough field trip drivers for each trip. Can do this mostly from home.

Classroom Help & Party Organizer: Schedule and organize in and out-of-classroom helpers as needed by teachers. This person is enthusiastic and loves to plan fun events. Organize parties, celebrations, state testing goodies and other festive events in the classroom. Coordination with other room parents may be required especially on school-wide celebrations to ensure consistency. Can do mostly from home but need some in-class time.

Field Trip Driver: Need many, 2-40 hours

Drive students on field trips. Help supervise students during trip. Provide a copy of current driver’s license, Auto Insurance and DMV print out to office. Supports teachers and children. Supplements learning by making field trips possible. This is a fun way to spend time with your child and others and to share his/her educational experiences.

In-class Helper: Need 2-10/room depending on classroom, 10-40 hours

Share your child’s classroom experience! This parent is dependable, flexible and wants to work with children. Provide in-class help as indicated by the individual teacher, ranging from working directly with children on classwork or a hands-on project, to filing paperwork.

Out-of-class Helper: Need 2-10/room depending on classroom, 10-40 hours

This parent seeks to provide extra support to the teachers outside of the classroom. This position can be done whenever you’re available, at home or at school. It will include such things as copying, cutting, laminating, correcting, putting packets together, etc.

Art Docent: Need 1-2/class, 40 hours

This person has a love for art and wants to share that love with students. Docent will utilize artworks to present monthly lessons (already prepared for you) about artists and art history.  Contact your classroom teacher to sign up.  You may also contact our Art Docent Coordinator, Dana Loschiavo at  for more information on the Art Docent Program.

Garden Docent: Need 1-2/class, 40 hours

This person has a love for nature, gardening, and our MMCA Outdoor Garden and wants to share that love with students. Docent will utilize monthly lessons (already prepared for you).  Contact your classroom teacher to sign up.  You may also contact our Garden Coordinator, Alison Watkins at  for more information on the Garden Docent Program or visit their website at:

Lunch help

Please contact if interested.

Lunch/Playground Help Coordinator: Need 1, 40 hours

Train, schedule, and oversee lunch volunteers, ensure consistent coverage and consistent understanding of lunchtime and yard duty policies and procedures. Maintain first aid kit. Maintain food closet. Report supply needs. Attend PTA meetings and provide updates.

Lunch Helper: Need 10-20, 20-40 hours. Once a week or every other week: 11am-1pm.

This can be a fun, active job with an opportunity to interact with other parents and students. It’s a great way to get to know the kids and really understand the dynamics of your child’s interactions. Help supervise children during lunch, then help maintain safety and order on the playground during lunch recess. Maintain understanding and awareness of lunchtime and yard duty policies and procedures.  Younger siblings OK.


Please contact if interested.

Office Help Coordinator: Need 1, 40 hours per year

Coordinate volunteers to provide office help as needed: drop-off and pick-up supervision, answering phones, filing, copying, mailer preparation, etc.

Office Clerical Helper: Need 1 or 2 , 20-40 hours per year

Provide office help as needed: Answering phones, filing, copying, mailer or flier preparation, etc.


Please contact if interested.

Newsletter Editor: 40+hours

Newsletter Helper/Reporter: 10-40 hours

Helps with research and provides, writes, and solicits (from students or others) articles and general items for the Newsletter.

Communications Assistant: Need 1, 10-40 hours

Provide help with fliers, mailers, notices, PR (could range from stuffing envelopes to writing). 


Please contact our yearbook committee at if interested.

Yearbook Co-Editors: 20-40 hours

Create yearbook with co-editors. Free online publisher software from Jostens is available.  Most work will be completed at home.

Yearbook Photographers: 20-40 hours

Take pictures at school events and during field trips and upload to the online yearbook site.

Yearbook Elective:  20-40 hours

Enhances communication and awareness throughout MMCA community. Enhances public image of MMCA. Provides fun learning activity for 7th and 8th grade students.


Please contact PTA President Melissa Curle at if interested.

Hospitality Helper: Need 2, 10-40 hours 

Assist with hospitality needs: Parties, lunches, events, welcomes, good-byes, thank-you’s, bereavements, etc for teachers, families, volunteers, etc. Work with PTA to provide niceties.


Please contact if interested.

Tech. Resource Helper: Need 2+, 5-40 hours

Help with phones, computers, office equipment, software installation, troubleshooting, etc., as needed.


Please contact PTA President Melissa Curle at if interested.

PTA Committee Work/Event Volunteers: Need many, 10-40+ hours.  

Examples:  Fall Harvest Festival, Apex Fun Run

Board of Directors

Elections are held every November. Contact Board President Chris Ward with any questions at

Elected or Appointed Governance and Financial Committees: 20-40+ hours


Please remember to log your volunteer hours in the binders in the MMCA office!

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