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​Admissions (K-8th)​

As a public charter school, MMCA maintains an open enrollment policy whereby any student eligible to attend public school in California is eligible to attend MMCA. 


We are currently full in just about all grade levels.  If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) at MMCA, your best course of action is to:

  1. Fill out and submit our online enrollment application (receipt of this application ensures a spot on our waiting list).

  2. Call 916.630.1510 to schedule a tour with our Executive Director.


If space is available and you have received a call to enroll your child, please go to our Aeries Online Enrollment and complete your child's enrollment.  You will have the opportunity to upload immunization records and birth certificate to the site.

* Please note: Classroom Observations may be scheduled in advance as well. Please see our Classroom Observation Policy for more information.

The Enrollment Process (Lottery)


Please note that you must submit a separate application for each school year.

November 15th through February 15th of the preceding school year, MMCA accepts enrollment applications for all students by grade level.  At the end of February, classroom configurations are determined, and the number of spots open per grade level is decided.  If the demand exceeds the number of available spaces, enrollment (by grade level) is determined based on the following preferences first:

1.  Existing MMCA students (re-enrollment forms due by February 15th).

2.  Siblings of existing MMCA students (re-enrollment/enrollment forms due by February 15th).

3.  Children with verifiable (letter from school director) Montessori education experience (no less than one full academic year in previous three calendar years) will have weighted preference – not to exceed 50% of spots available.

4.  Rocklin Residents

5.  Placer County Residents

6. non-Placer County Residents

Students that do not gain enrollment via the lottery are placed on our waiting list.  Should space in that grade level become available during the school year, MMCA will contact students from the waiting list to fill the vacancies.


If you know of someone who may be interested in enrolling his or her children at MMCA, direct them to our website and/or have them call the office to schedule a tour!

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