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MMCA Community Code of Conduct

M.M.C.A.’s Mission Statement (excerpt from our charter document):


“The mission of M.M.C.A. is to provide a Montessori based educational environment which has the tools, programs, resources and support to enable students to become educated to high international academic standards and to develop themselves to their fullest capacity as competent, happy, productive individuals, family members, workers, and contributors to a better society and a peaceful world.  This is achieved through a heavy commitment from the village: parents, teachers, community groups, the legislature and, most importantly, the individual child, and is grounded in a philosophy of trust in individuals to seek their own highest levels.”

Connected to our mission, we have adopted several core values. This Community-based Code of Conduct is intended to address the school policies and expectations related to these specific core values, including:

  • High, unwavering Standards of Conduct:

    • Respect:      Seeking ones share of the workload

    • Honesty:    Balancing individual and group needs

    • Courtesy:    Exceptional manners

  • Emphasis on collaboration, peer governance, problem solving, and goal-setting according to developmental readiness;

  • High parental involvement and collaboration in education and governance; and

  • Responsibility, accountability, and freedom for individual progress within the academic framework.


This is intended to be a living document.  As the school continues to grow, the policies related to this Community Code of Conduct may be amended or changed.  The specific policies addressed within this Community Code of Conduct include:

1) MMCA Communication Pathways Policy (est. 2005)

2) Student-related policies, including:

3) Parent-related policies, including:

Misc. Information for Families

School Supplies

MMCA parents order their child(ren)’s school supplies through MMCA!  MMCA goes out and purchases all the classroom materials for each student prior to school starting. MMCA would appreciate it if you kindly reimburse them for the cost of purchasing the school supplies.  The materials will be directly integrated into your child’s classroom. That means no hassle of shopping to find the right things. Let MMCA do the shopping for you.  It will save you time and money, not to mention a few headaches!  They do this for two reasons:

  1. To help the teachers by making sure each child has the necessary and same materials for day to day class work.

  2. To help the parents by not having to go to several different stores getting the specialty items on the list!


You can buy your supplies through MMCA PTA in the following ways:

  • You can go the the MMCA School Store to pay for your child(ren)s school supplies online with your credit card or debit card.

  • You can make a payment during school office hours.

Uniform Policy

MMCA’s Uniform Policy has three primary purposes:  behavior management, equality, and convenience for parents.  For a copy of the MMCA Uniform Policy, please click below:

Lunch Links

At MMCA, our lunch and snack times are somewhat unique in that we emphasize the “grace and courtesy” aspect of the Montessori philosophy during our eating times.  For a more detailed discussion of our lunch and snack policy, please click here.


As a parentally-controlled public school, MMCA could not operate without the valued contributions of our parents.  We are truly a community school in the best sense of the term.  For more information about volunteering, please contact Cynthia Brown at:

Discipline Policy

As a small, parent-based school, MMCA emphasizes a pro-active discipline policy.  Parental communication is vital to the Policy’s success.  To view our Discipline Policy, please click here:


If your child has a medical condition that requires either over-the-counter or prescription medication, the M.M.C.A. Office Team will be happy to dispense medication to your child.  ALL Medication is stored in a locked cabinet in the MMCA office.  AT NO TIME ARE STUDENTS ALLOWED TO POSSESS THEIR OWN MEDICATION.  Before medication can be dispensed, parents need to fill out our Medication Dispensing form, included here:

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