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Big Day of Giving is TOMORROW!

Good afternoon MMCA Families!

Our annual Big Day of Giving Fundraiser is tomorrow! This year, we have A LOT of prizes associated with the event. Please see the list of prizes available below. You can access our donation page via this link, or by scanning the QR code within the graphic.

THANK YOU in advance for your support!


Reserved parking spot for a year- 1 raffle ticket given for each $100 donation. 2 raffle tickets given for each $150 donation.

Sac Republic- Awarded to the largest donation in 24 hour giving period

Lighthouse Chiropractic basket- Donation closest to 8:30am.

Coffee Basket from San Francisco Coffee company in Lincoln- Awarded to the highest donation in the 9am hour

Simply Nutrition- Awarded to the last donation in the 10am hour

Gift card from Walley’s (will turn into a basket)- Awarded to the person who donates closest to 12pm

Chocolate Platter- Awarded to the person who donates closest to 1:30pm.

Eisley’s/ Green Acres- Awarded to the first donation in the 2pm hour.

Pool Toys- Awarded to the person who donates closest to 3:10pm.

Wine basket from PaZa- Awarded to the first donation in the 5pm hour.

Wine basket from Rappe - Largest Donation between 5-8pm.

Yetis and gift card from Dick’s - Awarded to the first donation in the 7pm hour.

Crochet blanket- Awarded to the donation closest to 8pm.

Quilt- Largest donation in the 9pm hour.

Free month from a local jujitsu place- Awarded to the first donation of the day.

Bread punch card from Baker and the Cake Maker for free bread once a month for a year- Last donation made in the 24 hours.

Minnie Basket from Compassion Planet- Largest pre-donation.

Float Spa prizes (10)- 10 people will be randomly selected at the conclusion of the giving day.

* Prize baskets are displayed in the office! Come check them out!


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