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9.23.20 Reopening Updates

Good afternoon MMCA Families,

We're looking forward to seeing students next week!  I know several of you have been asking a variety of questions, all within the "what's it going to be like, what are you going to do when" realm.  The three documents below hopefully address most of these questions:

1) We have prepared for you a two page "What happens if?," document that includes a) the DAILY symptom check we're asking parents to do at home before they bring kids to school, b) what happens when there's been close contact / potential exposure to COVID-19, c) our return to school policy during COVID-19, d)  what happens if someone at school gets COVID-19, e)  What happens if a student learns they were in ‘sustained close contact’ with someone with COVID-19 outside of school, and f)  what happens if a student gets sick at school. 2) PCOE COVID-19 Testing Matrix: For schools to reopen 'physical school', Placer County needed to establish a 'testing matrix' for testing school staff and students.  This (4) page document is basically a 'where can I get tested for COVID-19' for school-related persons, depending on who you are and what the reason for testing is: 3) We have prepared a "What's my hybrid school day going to look like?," document for both our AM/PM and A/B hybrid groups.  This document also includes pictures of some of the different COVID-19 related changes on campus.  And, because we don't have enough issues to deal with, I also included our schools-based Air Quality Index protocols, including what it would take to put us temporarily into Distance Learning based on Air Quality. I'm not expecting families to reread our full COVID-19 reopening plan or the Q&A related to it that we published last summer.  I do think that combined, the three relatively short documents linked above should provide a pretty clear picture on what we're going to be doing and how we'll do it when we're able to bring more students back onto campus next week. Sincerely, Brent

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