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Wednesday Flyer - August 18, 2021

Wednesday Flyer: August 18, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • 8/17-20 - Minimum Days (12:00p dismissal)

  • 8/19 - New Parent Info. Night, 6:00p - IN PERSON

  • 8/19 - Back to School Night, 6:30p - IN PERSON

  • MMCA 21-22 Parent Orientation Handbook link

Good Morning MMCA Families!

Normally during the school year, we’ll publish Flyer per week, usually on Thursdays. During our first week, there’s A LOT of information to get out, so we’re publishing multiple Flyers this week.

Girls’ Basketball Tryouts NEXT WEEK!

We just learned that our league is starting our season early this year (first game Sept. 2nd), so we need to get going with tryouts and practices NEXT WEEK! Tryouts will be on next Wednesday, 8/25/21, from 3:20p-4:50p, and next Thursday (same time).. Tryouts are open to ANY 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade girl. A sign up sheet will be posted in the Gym on Thursday morning.

AQI and School Operations

With the recent fires, some of our new parents have asked about how we modify school activities based on Air Quality. Generally speaking, we follow the Air Quality Index chart below that Placer County developed several years ago for its schools:


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