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Tuesday Flyer: August 17, 2021

Tuesday Flyer: August 17, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • 8/17-20 - Minimum Days (12:00p dismissal)

  • 8/19 - New Parent Info. Night, 6:00p - IN PERSON

  • 8/19 - Back to School Night, 6:30p - IN PERSON

  • MMCA 21-22 Parent Orientation Handbook link

Good Morning MMCA Families!

We had a great first morning of school today! A couple of reminders for you:

  1. Reminder: We have Minimum Days for our first (4) days of school this week. Minimum Day Dismissal is at 12:00p

  2. Reminder: Back to School Night is this Thursday, 8/19/21 at 6:30p. Additionally, I’ll be hosting a brief New Parent Information Night before Back to School Night at 6:00p on Thursday. Our parking lot will fill up fast - Margaret Azevedo Park next door has 200+ parking spots and a paved pathway to our school.

Our School Drop-off / Pick-up Rules

With our first day of school, it’s time to let our new families know about our “parking lot etiquette.” Please remember that ultimately this is a student safety issue, and we are trying to make sure that all of our kids are safe. Whether you are on our driveway, in our parking lot, at the church or the park, please drive slowly and watch out for students. Additionally:

  1. The Speed limit on our driveway and within our parking lot is 5 mph. Please DO NOT exceed this.

  2. When walking within our parking lot, please use the designated crosswalks or sidewalks.

  3. Please do not leave your car unattended during pick-up - if you need to park, please use a designated parking spot at the school, church or park.

  4. Our “through traffic” lane starts after the Preschool Driveway - not up by the church parking lot.

Additionally, here is a ‘graphical’ representation of our Drop-off, pick-up and parking rules:


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