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Transition period for new COVID-19 related protocols

RE: Transition period for new COVID-19 related protocols

Dear MMCA Families,

During the past several days, there have been several federal and state changes regarding COVID-19 protocols and schools, including:

1) On Friday, 2/25/22, the CDC updated guidance that no longer recommends universal indoor mask wearing in K-12 schools and early education settings in areas with a low or medium COVID-19 Community Level. “COVID-19 Community Level” is a mixed metric by county based on case rates and hospital utilization. For context, Placer County is currently in a ‘medium’ classification of this metric.

2) On Monday, 2/28/22, the Governor made multiple announcements, including that masking in schools was going to be moved to a ‘recommendation’ after 3/11/22, and not be a mandate anymore, and that via Executive Order, the Governor lifted the indoor masking requirements for unvaccinated employees in California.

As I write this update, there are still many variables that are as yet unknown regarding more revisions by the state and COVID-19 mandates – one example – how student and staff quarantine rules will change with the new masking guidance in effect. Thus, as far as our COVID-19 protocols go, I am anticipating that the next week and a half or so will be a transition phase for our school.

Specific to masking, for students, staff, or volunteers, after March 11th, persons on campus will have the choice to wear a mask or not wear a mask. With…classic…state COVID-related timing, we just received an allocation of KN-95 masks for staff and students (they’ve also given us more disposable masks for students). We will continue to provide masks to staff and students that want them at school. That said, I’m not comfortable handing out respirators (KN-95s) directly to students – any parent that wants their child(ren) to have a KN-95 mask may pick them up from the front office.

Post transition phase, I am anticipating that our school operations will be moving towards some pre-COVID normalcy. This should include a move back to a pre-COVID perspective regarding parent volunteerism on campus, increased opportunities for inter-classroom activities (ex., whole school indoor assemblies), additional after school clubs and more.

I also recognize that the past two COVID-impacted years have been unprecedented, and caused a lot of stress, anxiety, frustration, etc. for everyone within our diverse school community. I am sincerely grateful for all of the support our school has received during these two difficult COVID years, and I am excited to be thinking about both a return to more ‘normalcy’, and I am REALLY EXCITED about some new possibilities for our school (STAY TUNED on this one).


Brent Boothby, Executive Director



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