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Thursday Flyer - September 23, 2021

Thursday Flyer: September 23, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • Goal Setting Conference Sign Ups through Sept. 30th (instructions for how to sign up for conferences at the end of the Flyer)

  • Scholastic Book Fair - Monday, 9/27/21 - Friday, 10/1/21 (information available below)

  • Mon, 9/27/21 Cross Country practice - after school (approximate 3:15p ending time)

  • Mon, 9/27/21 Flag FB @ Bowman, 3:30p

  • Mon, 9/27/21 Board of Directors monthly meeting via Zoom,

  • Tues., 9/28/21 Cross Country Meet at Auburn Regional Park, 4:00p

  • Tues., 9/28/21 GBB HOME vs. JAA Lincoln, 3:45p

  • Wed., 9/22/21 Flag FB HOME vs. Foresthill, 3:30p

  • Thurs., 9/23/21 GBB HOME vs. Colfax, 3:45p

Weekly COVID-19 Update

Cumulative Case count: (5)

Placer County’s COVID-19 case counts are starting to trend downwards, but it’s still prevalent around Placer County right now. With COVID-19 still prevalent within our County, we need to continue to be diligent - here is our weekly reminder about our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student illness - a link to our current student illness protocols is available here.

Scholastic Book Fair next week!

We are hosting our first Scholastic Book Fair in 2 years next week! Kids will have the opportunity to purchase books before school, during lunch recess, and after school (2p for our K’s, 3:10p for 1st-8th grade). Additionally, we are looking for a few more parent volunteers to help us with the Book Fair. If interested, please sign up here:

Lifetouch Picture Day Coming Soon!

Our picture day with Lifetouch is scheduled for Thursday, October 14. You can order ahead by visiting and entering the Picture Day ID of KHGXRHTVE. Students are required to be in uniform for Picture Day.

Annual Parent Income surveys went home last week

We sent home our annual CONFIDENTIAL Parent Income Surveys with the students last week. Thank you to all of the families who have already turned your surrey in. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to fill out and return these confidential income surveys. For confidentiality, you may remove the label with your student's name on it and return just the form to the school with the student identification number. We are required by law to collect these. Additionally, some federal funding and grant opportunities are based on the data collected here. The survey takes less than 1 minute to complete, and we will be calling families that have not yet completed their survey. Any questions about the Surveys can be sent to our Business Manager Denise Thorman at

Ordering Breakfasts and Lunches for October

Our October Menus are posted on Boonli and the system is accepting orders. Please take a few minutes with your child to place your orders. We recommend ordering for the entire month, but we have weekly deadlines that we will close and lock ordering (Mon, Sept 27 is the deadline for the week of 10/5-10/7).

A couple of common ordering mistakes:

  • Thinking you have orders placed: We always have several students without lunches ordered on the first few days of the month (they think that they have orders since they are receiving meals everyday and don’t think about ordering for the new month).

  • Not completing the “check out” process in Boonli: You add orders to the cart and since the meals are free, you never pay, but you still need to complete the checkout process. It “feels” like you’ve ordered so you think you have. The order is placed and recorded when you receive a confirmation.

Please remind your child to pick up their breakfasts and lunches that are ordered. If the meals aren't served, MMCA cannot receive a reimbursement for the meal. If you don’t have a Boonli account yet (our ordering site) you can find instructions here:

WANTED: WatchDOGS Coordinator

We are looking for a parent volunteer to help us coordinate our WatchDOGS program. The Coordinator would assist us with the Fall Pizza and Winter Donuts sign-up promotional events as well as assist with the scheduling of the WatchDOGS. If you may be interested in this, please contact Mr. Boothby at

WANTED: Art Docent Coordinator

We ARE LOOKING FOR a Coordinator for our Art Docent program. The Coordinator provides guidance and support to each of our volunteer parent Art Docents within each classroom. There is a paid stipend for our Art Docent Coordinator. If you may be interested in this, please contact Mr. Boothby at

Sign-up for Parent-Teacher Goal Setting Conferences: October 4th – 6th, 2021

You are invited to sign-up for your child’s conference which will be held in the afternoons Monday, October 4th through Wednesday, October 6th. You will have online access to schedule conferences starting Monday, September 20th through Thursday, September 30th.

How to schedule your child(ren)’s conference:

2. “Maria Montessori Charter Academy” and press “Go”

3. There will be a prompt for a school password; the password is: mmca

4. The next screen will ask you to “enter the student’s ID” - we are NOT using student ID’s. Instead, press the “LOOKUP STUDENT ID” button.

5. After pressing the “look up student ID” button, you will be prompted to enter your child’s first name, last name, and birthdate and then press “LOOKUP”.

6. After your child has been identified, the program will ask you to do two things:

a. Select the classroom you want to schedule the conference for (note: ALL of our classrooms are listed by color names, not teacher names); and

b. If you have multiple children that you want to schedule a conference for, it will give you the opportunity to look up the next child (this will give you the opportunity to see multiple classroom conference schedules listed next to each other, making it convenient for your scheduling)

7. The program will take you through a couple of self-explanatory calendar screens, and your conference will be scheduled.

If you are having issues with the software program, you have two alternatives to schedule your conference:

a. You may come into the office to use one of our computers.

b. You may call the office after 9:00am and they can assist you with scheduling.


MMCA Staff


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