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Thursday Flyer - September 2, 201

Thursday Flyer: September 2, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • FREE DRESS DAY TOMORROW! - Friday, 9/3/21

  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY, 9/6/21 (Labor Day Holiday)

  • Wed., 9/8/21 @ 4:00p Girls BB @ WSCA

  • Wed., 9/8/21 @ 3:30p Flag FB HOME vs. Bowman

  • Thurs., 9/9/21 @ 4:00p Girls BB @ Gateway

Weekly COVID-19 Update

COVID-19, as well as the ‘normal’ cold (rhinovirus) are definitely going around Placer County right now. Rocklin Unified and Roseville City School Districts are already into the 100’s with their current COVID-19 casecounts. With us, we’re now up to (3) confirmed COVID cases. Following the direction of our sponsoring school district Rocklin Unified, we’re going to publish our cumulative case count within our Thursday Flyer; for any students that are deemed ‘close contacts’ of a COVID+ case, we will most likely contact parents with this ‘close contact quarantine not required note’; if a student is deemed an indoor ‘close contact’ and wasn’t wearing a mask, then quarantine rules will apply (10 days, or 7 days if negative COVID test taken after day 5 of quarantine). We will no longer be sending ‘non close contact’ emails for each case.

With COVID-19 still prevalent within our County, we need to continue to be diligent - Here is the second of my weekly reminders about our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student illness - a link to our current student illness protocols is available here.

Parent Volunteers Update

As classrooms start to plan / recruit for parent volunteers and we start recruiting for After School Club Leaders, we will have some additional state-mandated protocols in place due to COVID-19. These protocols will include:

  1. All parent volunteers must wear masks when indoors with students

  2. Beginning October 15th, we are most likely going to be asking parents for one of these:

    1. proof of vaccination;

    2. negative COVID test within 72 hours of volunteer time; or

    3. Proof of COVID-19 diagnosis within the past year (we’re going to recognize natural immunity)

In addition, for parent volunteers working with students not under direct supervision of a staff member (ex. After School Club Leaders), we will also have our normal policy of requiring fingerprinting / background checks (MMCA will pay for the primary fingerprinting costs).

Bigger picture, this is an extremely fluid situation. I would not be surprised if the state mandates related to these rules change multiple times over the next two months.

MMCA After School Enrichment Clubs

We ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS to help lead Clubs for future sessions. Club Leader commitment is typically 1 day per week for 1 hour, and our club sessions last 4-6 weeks. In the past, we’ve had clubs that have included chess, sewing, arts and crafts, STEM, drama, sports and much more. It’s a great venue for parents to share their interests with students. For any questions about our After School Clubs program, please contact Ray Baldonade at

Ordering Breakfasts and Lunches for September

Our September Menus are posted on Boonli and the system is accepting orders. Please take a few minutes with your child to place your orders. We recommend ordering for the entire month, but we have weekly deadlines that we will close and lock ordering. Ordering for the week of Tuesday 9/14 through Monday 9/20 will be closed on Monday 9/6. That will continue weekly throughout the year:

Deadline (11:59pm):For meals served on:6-Sep9/14-9/2013-Sep9/21-9/2720-Sep9/28-10/427-Sep10/5-10/11Continuing weekly on MondaysContinuing Tues-Mon

Please remind your child to pick up their breakfasts and lunches that are ordered. If the meals aren't served, MMCA cannot receive a reimbursement for the meal. If you don’t have a Boonli account yet (our ordering site) you can find instructions here:

Parking Lot Etiquette

From time to time I’ll publish reminders for our school community about parking lot etiquette. Ultimately, this is a student safety issue, and we want to keep kids safe. The graphic below explains our basic parking lot rules for drop-off and pick up. Today in particular I want to highlight the yellow ‘drive through to park lane’ below. This lane starts at our preschool driveway - not at Wildcat Blvd.


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