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Thursday Flyer - August, 26, 2021

Thursday Flyer: August 26, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • Flag FB Tryouts - Wednesday, 9/1 & Thursday, 9/2, 3:20p-4:50p

  • FREE DRESS DAY! - Friday, 9/3/21

  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY, 9/6/21 (Labor Day Holiday)

Weekly COVID-19 Update

Like the prior two school years, I will be publishing a weekly update regarding COVID-19 as it relates to our school operations. As you know, we had our first COVID+ case this week. In talking with the other educational leaders within the County, COVID-19 is definitely prevalent within our Placer County Community. Thus far, most cases that are occurring within schools in our County are based on students that have gotten COVID-19 from someone within their household (usually their parents). IF your child gets exposed in this way and you suspect they may have COVID-19:

  1. Please get them tested; and

  2. Please wait for the test results before sending them back to school.

With COVID-19 still prevalent within our County, we need to continue to be diligent - Here is the first of my weekly reminders about our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student illness - a link to our current student illness protocols is available here.

School Uniform Order Update

The first order that we placed for uniforms arrived today, and we will most likely be contacting parents that ordered new school uniforms to come pick up their order on Friday. It took our vendor a bit longer than expected to process the order because one of his suppliers was having distribution issues. Our second uniform order deadline will be NEXT WEEK, on Wednesday, September 1st. With all school uniform orders, the vendor delivers the bulk order to the school, and then we will distribute the uniforms to the individual families that ordered them (please do not contact our vendor directly). Our electronic uniform order form is available at

Flag Football Tryouts NEXT WEEK!

Tryouts will be on Wednesday, 9/1/21 and Thursday, 9/2/21, from 3:20p-4:50p, with practices and pre-season games starting the following week. Any questions about Flag Football? Contact coaches Jason Mikels ( and Jason Mitchell (

Flag Football tryouts will be open to 5th - 8th grade students. Tentative game schedule available here.

Ordering Breakfasts and Lunches for September

Our September Menus are posted on Boonli and the system is accepting orders. Please take a few minutes with your child to place your orders.

We recommend ordering for the entire month, but we have weekly deadlines that we will close and lock ordering. Ordering for the week of Tuesday 8/31 through Monday 9/6 (holiday) will closed on Monday 8/23. That will continue weekly throughout the year:

Deadline (11:59pm):For meals served on:30-Aug9/7-9/136-Sep9/14-9/2013-Sep9/21-9/2720-Sep9/28-10/427-Sep10/5-10/11Continuing weekly on MondaysContinuing Tues-Mon

Please remind your child to pick up their breakfasts and lunches that are ordered. If the meals aren't served, MMCA cannot receive a reimbursement for the meal.

If you don’t have a Boonli account yet (our ordering site) you can find instructions here:


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