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Summer Flyer #2: July 30, 2021

Summer Flyer #2: July 30, 2021

Upcoming Events:

  • 7/15-8/6 - Early Bird School Supplies at $50

  • 8/7 - School Supplies Increase To $60

  • 8/17 - First Day of School - Minimum Day

  • 8/17-20 - Minimum Days

  • 8/19 - New Parent Info. Night, 6:00p

  • 8/19 - Back to School Night, 6:30p

Summer Office Hours:

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The updated 2021-2022 school calendar is on the website: Please note that we are continuing to use the Google Apps Calendar on our website for our current events calendar.

Heads up regarding upcoming events / activities:

We’re three weeks out from the start of school, and it’s time to start thinking ahead / looking for volunteers on several activities, including:

Athletics - Fall Sports include: Cross Country (for 4th-8th grade students, no tryouts), Boys’ Flag Football (5th-8th grade students, there are tryouts) and Girls’ Basketball (5th-8th Grade Girls, there are tryouts)

Clubs - We’re looking to get our After School Clubs going again, and we’re going to be looking for parent volunteers to lead them. Examples of some of the clubs we’ve offered in the past include: Arts & Crafts, karate, ballet, sports-related clubs, chess, etc. If you’re interested in leading a club, please contact our After School Clubs CoordinatorRay Baldonadeat

School-based* parent volunteer positions, including:

  • Our WatchDOGS dad’s program

  • MMCA Yearbook Committee

  • MMCA Community Garden

  • Drop-off / Pick-up Support

If you’re interested in one of these areas, please contact our Office Manager Cynthia Brown at

*We will have lots of classroom-based parent volunteer opportunities as well, but those will eventually be coordinated by each classroom’s teachers.

Hot Lunch / Breakfast Updates:

The USDA is continuing their COVID grant this year, thus we will be able to provide FREE hot lunches to any student that wants them, regardless of income qualification status. We need families to:

  1. Make sure you are signed up to use Boonli, our breakfast/lunch ordering system (Boonli registration link is available on the bottom of our hot lunch website page -

  2. Please fill out the Free / Reduced Lunch Application on our Hot Lunch website, which is now ‘live’ for the 21-22 school year (same webpage as above). Again, regardless of actual income status, all families who fill this out will be eligible for FREE lunches for their child(ren) for the entire school year.

  3. Note BREAKFAST: USDA is not extending their grant for breakfast - anyone that qualifies for ‘free/reduced’ lunch will be eligible for a free or reduced price breakfast; those that do not qualify will be able to pay for whichever breakfast choice they like.

  4. As soon as we have the updated menus from Revolution Foods, we’ll get them posted within Boonli and let our families know the system is ‘live’ for ordering.

School Store Update:

We’ve updated the links on our School Store page to make both school supply orders and school uniform orders electronic. Specifically:

Student Supplies:

New parents: One of our traditions at MMCA has been to bulk buy the core student school supplies on behalf of our families. We’ve done this for two reasons:

  1. To save you the time, energy and hassle of going to several different stores to pick up all of the items on our published school supplies list; and

  2. To save you SIGNIFICANT $ by bulk-buying these supplies on your behalf.

  3. Supplies are delivered right to your child’s classroom and will be waiting for them on the first day of school.

The 2021-2022 school supplies list information is now posted on our website. Depending on grade level, our ACTUAL cost for these supplies is approximately $75-$85 per student. We are going to continue the promotion we did last year related to school supplies:

Buy early and save! Purchase supplies for only $50 now thru 8/6; $60 thru 8/20; and $70 8/21 and after. School Supplies can be purchased on our website at this link:

Student Uniforms

Our student uniform ordering process is electronic as well. Click on the item(s) you’d like (between t-shirt, moisture wicking shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt) and select sizes and then proceed to e-checkout. Our uniform provider requires bulk orders. Our first deadline will be 8/2 (extended from our last Flyer...please note: all orders should be placed through our website - please do not try to order them from our vendor directly.


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