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Fall 2021 MMCA Goal Setting Conferences

Sign-up for Parent-Teacher Goal Setting Conferences October 4th – 6th, 2021

You are invited to sign-up for your child’s conference which will be held in the afternoons Monday, October 4th through Wednesday, October 6th. You will have online access to schedule conferences starting Monday, September 20th through Thursday, September 30th. How to schedule your child(ren)’s conference: 1. Go to this link: 2. “Maria Montessori Charter Academy” and press “Go” 3. There will be a prompt for a school password; the password is: mmca 4. The next screen will ask you to “enter the student’s ID” - we are NOT using student ID’s. Instead, press the “LOOKUP STUDENT ID” button. 5. After pressing the “look up student ID” button, you will be prompted to enter your child’s first name, last name, and birthdate and then press “LOOKUP”. 6. After your child has been identified, the pro

gram will ask you to do two things: a. Select the classroom you want to schedule the conference for (note: ALL of our classrooms are listed by color names, not teacher names); and b. If you have multiple children that you want to schedule a conference for, it will give you the opportunity to look up the next child (this will give you the opportunity to see multiple classroom conference schedules listed next to each other, making it convenient for your scheduling) 7. The program will take you through a couple of self-explanatory calendar screens, and your conference will be scheduled. If you are having issues with the software program, you have two alternatives to schedule your conference: a. You may come into the office to use one of our computers. b. You may call the office after 9:00am and they can assist you with scheduling. Thanks! MMCA Staff


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