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Thursday Flyer - November 10, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • 11/11 - NO SCHOOL (Veteran’s Day)

  • 11/14 @ 11:59 p.m. - ordering deadline for breakfast / lunch for week of 11/28 - PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE ON THIS W/ Thanksgiving BREAK

  • 11/15 - Old Town Pizza MMCA PTA Fundraiser (see flyer below)

  • 11/21-11/25 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

  • Heads up: the 2023-2024 School Calendar has been approved (linked HERE)

Session 2 After School Clubs Coming up in January - looking for a few more Club Leaders

Our next round of After School Clubs will be starting in January - sign-ups will start after Thanksgiving Break. So far, we’ve got (2) clubs lined up, and we’d like to get a few more. If you’re interested in possibly leading one of our After School Clubs, please reach out to our Clubs coordinator Ray Baldonade at

Volunteer Log / Tracking???

At MMCA, we have a Parent Volunteer Commitment Policy, whereby we request (40) hours of volunteer time per family, per year. In our Front Office, we have binders with logs where parents can log the volunteer hours they’ve done. It is important to keep a running total of your hours. If you haven’t logged your volunteer hours yet during the school year, please do so. Among many reasons, we track volunteer hours for grant-related opportunities.

Volunteer Needed to Track Family Hours!

We are looking for a parent volunteer to help us go through the binders and create volunteer hours statements for each of our families. Post COVID, we’d like to get back to sending volunteer hours statements with report cards for our families. If you’re interested in this volunteer position, please contact Cynthia Brown at

Annual Board of Directors Elections Coming up

Each year MMCA seeks parents interested in taking an active role in the governance of the school by serving as a MMCA Board member. A Board member serves a two-year term which fulfills their family’s annual 40-hour volunteer requirement.

The Board of Directors defines the mission of the school and clarifies its philosophy. In conjunction with the Executive Director, the Board establishes the financial, educational, and operational goals of MMCA and ensures that they are achieved annually. The Board may be involved in facility planning, review and approval of legal documents, annual operating budgets, and staffing decisions.

The Application and candidate information packet for the upcoming election is available HERE. If you have any questions about possibly becoming a Board Member, please feel free to contact Board President Chris Ward at or Mr. Boothby at The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 12/2/22.

2022 State CAASPP Testing Update

Thanks to COVID-19, last spring was the first time our students did state testing since 2019. Not surprisingly, as you may have recently read, the trend statewide is that student scores went down substantially compared to 2019.

For context, about ⅓ of MMCA’s test taking students last year were from Rocklin; about ⅓ from Western Placer, and then Roseville City, Dry Creek, and Auburn make up the rest of the ‘top 5’ where our students come from. In the table below, I’ve included each of these districts’ scores, as well as the combined scores for every Placer County based school, every Sacramento County based school, and the entire state of California’s score.

Comparatively speaking, overall MMCA kids did very well versus our regional peers. Specific to MMCA, our ELA and Science numbers actually increased versus our 2019 scores; our MATH scores admittedly did go down slightly. I’m very grateful for our instructional staff team and their tremendous efforts during these unprecedented times. Thanks to their efforts, the COVID learning loss gaps we’re continuing to work on are a lot smaller than most schools in the state.

It’s looking like we’ll have just about every student’s individual CAASPP score from last year within the next couple of weeks (finally). Parents will be able to access their child’s score via their AERIES portal login when we get them uploaded later this month.

COVID-19 Update

Cumulative Case count (since 1st day of school): (16)

Cases within the last week: (2)

COVID-19 rapid read antigen tests available

The state has provided us COVID tests for +/- all of our students and staff. If you’d like a free COVID test, please feel free to stop by the front office and pick one up.


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