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Thursday Flyer - June 2, 2022

Thursday Flyer: June 2, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • 6/2/22: MINIMUM DAY, 12:00p dismissal (Last Day of School)

  • 6/6/22: Summer School starts (8:30a-12:00p)

  • 6/6/22: Summer Camp starts (9:00a-1:00p)

  • 6/13/22: MMCA Board of Directors Meeting, 6:30p (fyi- May/June meetings being combined to 1 meeting on this date)


Summer Communications / Availability

We will send approximately (4) Summer Flyers, with the first Flyer going out around the last week of June.

Summer Office Hours:

June 6th - June 30th: Monday - Thursdays from 8:15a - 12:15p

July 5th - August 11th: Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 10:00a - 12:00p

8th Grade Graduation

We had a great Graduation ceremony last night! Thank you to all of the teachers, staff, students and parent volunteers for making it happen! Each year we like to publish the speeches of our 8th Grade Graduation Student Speakers. I think they provide great insight, from a student’s perspective, of what their experience was like at our school. Print copies of our student speeches from last night are available at the end of this Flyer. I encourage all of our families to take a few minutes to read them.

Weekly COVID-19 Update

Cumulative Case count: (76)

COVID cases are rising again within our County. We’ve had a couple cases per week for about 6 weeks now. What’s more prevalent in our area now is the flu. CDPH sent an alert out last week to all schools in the greater Sacramento area that there has been a significant uptick in flu cases within our region. Within our school community, we have definitely seen more flu cases than COVID. Regardless, if you would like a free COVID test, please stop by the office to pick one up. For COVID testing locations within Placer County, click HERE. Additionally, the federal government announced a +/- ‘free tests for all’ program, and the link to this program is HERE.

Medication Pick-up on Last Day of School

Unless your child will be attending Summer Camp / Summer School, please pick up their medications on the last day of school on June 2nd (or on June 30th if they are attending summer school). We do not store them over the summer. Also, please plan to have a new medical form filled out and signed by the doctor for the next school year by the first day of school. Form available HERE.

Who wants bunnies for the summer?!

Calling all bunny lovers! The garden is looking for a family who would like to house our sweet and loveable bunnies for the summer. Food and supplies would be provided. If you are interested or if you have questions, please email Kristin Thomas at Thanks!

Free Summer Meals Resources

Need meals over the summer? Find schools in your area that are serving meals over the summer as part of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) at this website: Search by zip code, sort the schools by “end date,” and make sure the “site type” is “Open” (meaning your child doesn’t need to be enrolled at the school). It looks like the closest schools to MMCA are Roseville Joint High School District campuses.

Lost & Found!

PLEASE CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND CART! We have lots of items accumulating. Also a drawer full of other items! Please contact Cynthia or Brooke for more details.

2022 8th Grade Graduation Speeches

Maddie Sigrist Graduation Speech

Good evening teachers, parents, and fellow graduates. I would like to thank everyone for attending our 8th grade graduation ceremony and the teachers for giving me this opportunity to speak up here. I’ll try to make this speech a little quicker so the siblings brought here to watch their older siblings graduate can go back to whatever they were doing.

I would like to thank my teachers for being patient with me and helping me grow as an individual here at MMCA. I’ve been attending this school for two years now and was brought here to play basketball for Mr. Boothby’s girls basketball team. Spoiler, we won the girls basketball flag; shoutout to Mr. B.

One of my favorite memories from the girls basketball team is making a human tower and getting a frisbee off the roof of the Colfax school; we still have the frisbee to this day and will be cherished forever.

MMCA has definitely made me grow as an individual and become the best person I could become. These two years went by so fast, especially my time through online school due to covid. I wish I could’ve taken these two years more seriously and not have taken it for granted.

One day I’m picking out my shoes for the first day of school and the next day I’m picking out my dress for graduation; time goes by so fast. Soon enough, I will be picking out a dress for my highschool graduation and I will make this speech again and see how much I have improved and grown.

My time here has been very thrilling and even a little bit crazy, but that’s just preparing me for life. I believe that everyday after school, I always had a story to tell my mom about how my day went and what happened, it was always something that made us laugh or something to pick at.

MMCA has helped me mature and grow to be the young adult I am, so thank you to all of my teachers who I got to become close with and to the teachers who helped me become who I am now. Because of my classmates and teachers, I have become more confident in myself and spoke out more and even talked with more confidence. Just standing up here is an example of my growth from the beginning of 7th grade to now the end of 8th.

So I would like to say thank you to all my classmates and peers for making these two years exciting and never boring. Thank you to my teachers who made me grow as an individual and become a better version of myself and thank you to Mr.Boothby for bringing me into MMCA. Overall, thank you to everyone who decided to share this special day with me and all my classmates. These two years will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Now, before I step down off this stage I would like to end my speech with a quote from Maya Angelou.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Thank you for your time.

Amelia Belt Graduation Speech

Welcome parents, teachers, family, and faculty - thank you for joining us today. Before I present my remarks, I would like to start this speech off with an applause for all of the parents, legal guardians, and other family members for whom none of the students graduating today would be here without.

I think everybody here can agree that the past two years have been especially difficult with everybody getting sick and the lockdown, but in my opinion this makes this graduation all the much more special. Before this year, we could not leave our houses and had to do school online. It was a lot harder to not only keep up with schoolwork, but also to keep in touch with friends.

Which honestly makes me so much more grateful for our time here at MMCA, for the friends and family that made quarantine easier, and all of the memories that we are going to take with us into highschool. As a student who has attended this school for eight entire years, crazy I know, I have made many memories, while watching fellow students do the same.

I would have to say some of my favorites are our sixth grade Sly Park trip, which consisted of going on hikes under the stars, playing games like tug a war, and making memorable friendships.

Even though having to do all of our schooling on google meets was hard, do you all remember when we would facetime each other during this, it made things feel a lot more normal. This was particularly enjoyable when our teachers would ask us an odd question for attendance or for our Jamboard and we wouldn’t always know how to respond.

For example, when Mrs. Watkins asked us what celebrity we most resemble. Another memory I have is whenever Kylie would trip and fall during lunch recess and make everyone uncontrollably laugh. I think everyone graduating today can agree that Kylie was such a light in our classroom this year so here’s a huge thank you to her for always being able to bring us sun, even on our darkest days.

Or how about when we had our CERT mock disaster and had to try and calm distressed parents, shout out to Kelly Bewley AKA Ashley’s mom who did an amazing job at acting.

And lastly, when at the end of last year we walked to Whitney Park and ran through sprinklers, talked on the bleachers, and even hung out with our amazing teachers. Which reminds me, here’s a huge thank you to Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Watkins, Ms. Oslick, and Mr. Barnes for giving us an education, preparing us for high school, and making this all possible.

While I am thanking these teachers I would also like to thank our previous teachers Ms. Guy and Ms. Jennings, our school misses you as our teachers everyday.

To shorten this speech here because I don’t want to bore anyone, I never really thought this day would come….. I do have to admit that I am a little sad to have to say goodbye to a school that has been all I have known for so long, but I am so excited to see where the rest of our lives will take us.

With that, I am going to leave you guys with a quote by Ken Poirot, “Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.” Thank you everyone.

Isabella Keidel Graduation Speech

It feels so weird knowing we are finishing our last days here. I, among others, have grown, more than I ever thought I would, in this small charter school. I realize now that MMCA was a perfect start. A sort of turning point, into going from a little kid who doesn’t know that certain things don’t go in the microwave, to a slightly larger kid that can work a frying pan.

My experience here began like it did for a handful of other kids, only 2 years ago, in 7th grade, and it was definitely weird. Starting school on zoom was new and extremely lonely. It was so hard to not feel disconnected from everyone, when I quite literally was. But ultimately, this brought us together, because we all were being challenged with online school.

I met people over Facetime, and we all did our best to distract each other whenever we were forced to turn our mic on in hopes of them slipping up. My favorite moments were probably when students would get into zoom calls to play Among Us between classes.

All the while our teachers dealt with us, which can I just say, takes so much work. I think anyone that just took two steps into our class would know. Our hobbies included randomly breaking out into song, parents we were wonderful, and boycotting P.E.

Either way, I cannot thank the teaching staff for all that you do. You have helped us through middle school, and have been an important part of shaping our futures. Especially Mr. Boothby, you were a wonderful principal and coach.

I also wish to thank every parent, guardian, or whoever drove you here. They all are so proud of you. I also want to thank my parents, I love you mom and dad.

COVID was another example for our class that the only constant is change. Nothing is ever completely under our control, no matter how hard you may try. Classmates, assignments, friend groups, dreams, it's changing all the time. Heck, 4 years ago I wanted to be a hip hop dancer, and now I’m pretty sure if I try to spin I’d fall over.

These last years at MMCA have taught me to not be afraid of change, and to let go of any expectations. People in your life will come and go constantly, and you can’t change it. But the right people? They’ll change and grow with you. If you're lucky, they’ll sing the same song in the car with you when you meet up.

We have 4, or more, years of school, but I think we're ready. This school has taught so many, so much, and now it's time for a new chapter. Learn, but don’t burnout, keep friends that truly see and respect you as a person, and remember that bad grades aren’t failures. Messing up, and making mistakes is how we learn if we accept it.

The best way I can put this is through a quote from Aru Shah, in which she says, “Just think about it. We all have a role in life. Maybe we're someone's parent, teacher, sibling or friend, and with that comes a duty to show up for the situations life throws at you! After that, you do your best and let everything else go. The outcome? Pfft. Not your problem. People's opinions? Not the point! When you go home and look in the mirror it's your face you go to look at. No one else's.”

I truly wish all of the graduates well in high school. Thank you all for making a home, a building ground, and a difference in my life. Congratulations to all of my fellow graduates, I wish you all the best for the next few years, and thank you all for your time.


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