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Thursday Flyer January 7, 2021

Thursday Flyer 1.7.2021


COVID-19 Update

At least in terms of school operations, there's not much new to report. During the break, the Governor did tie youth sports (and pretty much all extra-curricular activities) to the state’s ‘color’ system - this means, unfortunately, we won’t be doing any of these activities any time soon. At this point, I anticipate us staying in our existing 'hybrid' schedule through at least January. As we’ve previously stated, relatively speaking, we've had a minimal number of COVID cases that we've had to deal with on campus, especially compared to our educational colleagues throughout the county, and we'd like to keep it that way. Let's continue our diligence regarding all of our mitigation measures. As a reminder, our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student/staff illness and quarantines are available here.

REMINDER: ‘Attendance’ on Distance Learning Days

For all classrooms on Wednesdays and for our 4th/5th/7th/8th grades on all other days, we are continuing to provide several remote lessons via Zoom or Gmeet to our students. During these crazy times, it is VERY important to make sure that your child(ren) is attending / participating in each of these lessons.

Board Elections update

Invitations to vote in our annual Board of Directors elections were sent earlier this week. Please participate and vote!

Preschool Enrollment for 2021/2022

We will begin accepting enrollment for 2021-2022 Children’s House on Friday, 1/15. Children’s House is our preschool program for children ages 3.5 to 5 years old. Students must be potty trained and able to follow simple instructions. The enrollment packet can be found on our website at Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Call the office to schedule a tour.

21/22 Enrollment Lottery Application

If you have students that will be starting at MMCA next year (an example is you have a kindergarten sibling starting in 21/22) you MUST fill out an application for the lottery. Applications are due by 2/15/21 and can be found at this link:

We will be asking for commitment from our returning students through the Aeries Portal. Watch the flyers for more information on this in the coming weeks. (DO NOT fill out an application for returning students; they do not go through the lottery process.)

Lifetouch Make Up Picture Dates

Heads up: Make-up days for pictures will be on Thursday, 1/21 (noon-3pm) and Friday, 1/22 (8:30am-11:30am). More information for make-ups will be coming out next week. Edgenuity students, please plan on coming to get your picture taken on one of these days! We need your pictures for the yearbook!


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