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Thursday Flyer - December 15, 2022

Thursday Flyer - December 15, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • The 2023-2024 School Calendar (linked HERE)

  • December menus are open for ordering. The order deadline is 11:59pm on the Monday of the prior week.

  • 12/20 - Young Entrepreneurs Day (see article below)

  • 12/21 - Lost & Found Deadline (see article below)

  • 12/21 - Free Dress Day

  • 12/22 - 1/6/23 - NO SCHOOL Winter Break

  • 1/18/23 - SAVE THE DATE! WatchDOGS Winter Sign Ups Pizza Party 5:15p

Session 2 After School Clubs Sign-Ups are now live!

Sign ups for Session 2 of our After School Clubs are now live! Session 2 Clubs (and electronic copies of their sign-up forms) are available below. If you have any questions about our clubs, please reach out to our Clubs coordinator Ray Baldonade at

Mondays: Art Club

Tuesdays: Karate Club

Fridays: Dance Club

Young Entrepreneur’s Day?!

We are happy to announce another “return to normalcy” after our 2 years of COVID. Our 7th and 8th graders will be participating in Young Entrepreneurs Day on Tuesday, December 20th. This is a month-long project that ends in them having products for sale where they are learning about business plans, profits and losses and the benefits of advertising. Each classroom will be visiting the event that day and we would like to invite our MMCA families to participate as well. The event runs from 9am to 11am and from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Please come out and support our middle school students!

Attendance Matters / Truancy Letters

Heads up: If your child(ren) has more than 3 days of unexcused absences or unexcused tardies, then you will be receiving a truancy letter from us in the coming week. The County is now requiring us to send these letters out (just like all schools used to pre COVID-19).

It is crucial to try to have your students at school everyday to help them stay on track with their academic success. Poor attendance can cause too much loss of learning in class. This will ultimately impact your student’s academic achievements and MMCA’s finances that fund our academic and extracurricular programs. We understand that some absences are unavoidable. If it is necessary for your student to miss three or more days of school, you are welcome to request an Independent Study through our office or by emailing Mrs. Johnson at

Heads Up: Annual Board of Directors Elections start tomorrow

Our annual Board of Directors elections will start tomorrow. Families will be emailed access to a SurveyMonkey based ballot sometime around 10:00a.m. tomorrow - ballots will be emailed to the parent emails listed within your student’s AERIES profile. The voting period will last until Winter Break.

Lost and Found

We have A LOT of stuff on our Lost and Found Rack. Over the next couple of weeks, please take a moment to see if your child’s jacket, sweatshirt, lunchbox, water bottle, etc. are there. All items on the rack on 12/21 will be donated to a local charity.

COVID-19 Update

Cumulative Case count (since 1st day of school): (20)

Cases within the last week: (1)

COVID-19 rapid read antigen tests available

The state has provided us COVID tests for +/- all of our students and staff. If you’d like a free COVID test, please feel free to stop by the front office and pick one up.

St. Augustine Church Santa Fire Truck Event

Our neighbor, the St. Augustine Episcopal Church, asked us to share with our community that they’re having a ‘Santa Fire Truck’ event on Saturday, 12/17/22 @ 3:00p. Their flyer for the event is below.


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