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Thursday Flyer - August 31, 2023

Thursday Flyer 8/31/23

Upcoming Events:

  • 23/24 Parent Orientation Handbook is now LIVE (linked here)

  • Checkout MMCA PTA Events Calendar at the end of Flyer!

  • 9/3 - Breakfast/Hot Lunch ordering deadline for the week of 9/10/23

  • 9/4 - NO SCHOOL - Labor Day Holiday

  • 9/5 & 9/6 - Boys’ Flag Football tryouts, 3:15 - 4:45p

  • 9/13 - WatchDOGS Pizza Party Kick-off event (look for more information soon!), 5:30-6:30p

  • 9/23 - All school garden work day (look for more information soon!)

What’s up with the painted parking spots?

By now, you’ve probably noticed the painted parking spots along the retaining wall. This year, our full-time staff was offered the opportunity to ‘paint their parking spot’ - +/- like what you see at local high schools for seniors. Thus for the (26) staff members participating, the intention is that their painted spot is their reserved parking spot. By putting the staff spots along the retaining wall, this opens up most of the island-based parking spots for parents and visitors. A couple notes on this -

1) We primered (28) total parking spots; we have (26) participating, so the (2) parking spots nearest Wildcat Blvd. are NOT reserved - these (2) spots are +/- at the Children’s House driveway.

2) We’ve noticed an increased need for more parking in the morning - over the next few weeks, we are going to paint more parking spots along the driveway.

Outdoor Classroom / MMCA Garden Update

The MMCA Garden needs your help! If you are looking to volunteer, but do not want to work with the dirt, I have the opportunity for you. We are looking for someone to help with our once a year fundraiser ( Big Day of Giving) and someone to help with lesson supply gathering. If you are interested, contact Kristin Thomas at

Follow along with the progress of our garden here:

Bunny Available for Adoption!

The Coral Room has 2 classroom bunnies! While initially they got along great together, they now need to be separated. Email if you or someone you know is interested in providing a new home for one of them!

Student Medications at School Reminder

If your child requires medications to be given at school, please make sure to fill out the Medication Order and Parent Release Form filled out and signed by the physician. Form available HERE. Please also make sure to bring the medication in when returning the completed form.


If your child is going to be absent, please call 916-630-1510, ext. 302 or email It is best to leave a message or email before school starts if possible so that the office does not need to contact you during the day to verify the absence!

State-approved “excused” absences include: illness, medical appointments, religious holidays, religious ceremonies, and bereavement purposes. Most everything else is considered an “unexcused” absence.

Independent Study is an option for students who are absent more than 3 days. Please visit the office for more information.

Looking for (1) PT Lunch Supervisor:

We’re looking for (1) PT paid person to help us with Lunch time Supervision. The ‘normal’ shifts are approximately 11:10a - 1:15p (about 10 hours/wk). If interested in applying, please contact Ray Baldonade at

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Afterschool Club Leaders: Our first round of after school clubs will start in September.. Individual clubs usually last for one hour after school and go for six weeks. So far, we have a Karate Club (with belting) and an Art Club ready, and we’re looking for a couple more clubs. If you’re interested in leading a club, please contact Ray Baldonade at

  1. Crosswalk monitors for morning drop-off (8:15a-8:30a - we’ll offer DOUBLE volunteer hours for these spots). Check in office in the morning to obtain safety vest and log your hours.

  1. Billboard Sign Updates. We need help changing the signage each month on the billboard near the school entrance on Wildcat Blvd. Please contact if you are interested.

  1. All School Garden Workday: Within the next month, we’re going to have a work day for our outdoor classroom that will include bark and DG pathway work - many hands make light work! If you’re interested in helping out with our garden, please contact Kristin Thomas at

  1. Art Docents: We’re going to be recruiting for Art Docents for each of our classrooms - if you are interested in being an Art Docent, please contact Art Docent Coordinator Julie Cohodes at

Promotional Event Flyers from our MMCA PTA:

Parent-run Facebook Page for MMCA Parents:

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