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Thursday Flyer - August 25, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • 8/29 - 1:50p Monday dismissal

  • 8/29 - Snowy King in church parking lot at dismissal

  • 8/29 @ 11:59 p.m. - ordering deadline for breakfast / lunch for week of 09/06

  • 9/6 - NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

  • 9/7 - Flag Football Tryouts after school

  • 9/8 - WatchDOGS Donuts w/ Dads kick-off, 8:00a MPR

Good afternoon MMCA Families! We’re having a great first week of school! Several reminders / ‘heads ups’ for you this week, including:

Some School Policy Reminders

At MMCA, we have a couple policies that I like to do community reminders on a couple times per year, including:

Uniform Policy: We do have a school uniform policy. The core areas of this policy that I look to enforce include:

Tops: Solid colored, non logo’d (unless school related), various shades of blue, green or white

Bottoms: Solid colored Navy blue or khaki

Shoes: Closed toe/heel that can be used in PE

Volunteer Policy: At MMCA, we request (40) hours of volunteer time per family, per year. Numerous Volunteer opportunities exist on our campus, including some listed below.

Parents as Spectators Policy: We’re going to have some student-based events coming up (girls’ basketball, flag football, cross country, class plays, etc.), and in the same spirit that we ask our students to follow a Code of Conduct to participate in these events, we ask our parents to follow our Spectators policy as well.

Our School Communications Policy describes the basics of how we as a school will communicate with our families and vice versa.

Parking Spot RESERVED!

Congratulations again to the Miramon Family for winning the dedicated parking spot in our parking lot for this school year! The Miramon parking spot is located next to (to the right) our WatchDOGS parking spot - a new ‘RESERVED FOR’ parking sign has been ordered and will be placed at the spot as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, please do not park in this spot reserved for the Miramon family!

Waitlist Update

We’re still in the process of making some Waiting List calls to fill our limited remaining K-8th grade spots. In an effort to keep our grade levels balanced, at this point in particular we are looking for a few more 3rd grade girls and 5th grade boys. If you happen to know a family that fits this and you think they’d be a good fit at our school, encourage them to submit an application to our Waiting List application, available on our website here.

Volunteer Recruiting

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be recruiting parent volunteers for a LOT of different positions. Here are some of the spots we’re starting to recruit for, including the contact person’s name and email address:

MMCA Spiritwear! - SOCKS


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