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Thursday Flyer 9.17.2020

Reopening Update

I think it’s now LIKELY that we’ll be returning to site-based instruction on Monday, September 28th. I believe it’s probable that we will be doing so within some type of 50% capacity hybrid model that will last for about four weeks (no, we still have not received definitive word yet from the County regarding this issue). As soon as we have a definitive word, I will send a separate note (hopefully tomorrow) regarding our hybrid schedule, as well as additional more detailed notes with our updated COVID reopening plan, procedures, checklists, etc.

MMCA Yearbooks are now available to pre-order online

The cost is $25 through 11/30/2020.

The cost will be $30 from 12/01/2020-03/31/2021.

The only way to guarantee that you receive a yearbook is to pre-order! Click the link below to order online.

Join the Yearbook Committee

Earn all 40 of your parent volunteer hours in one fun job! Email if you are interested in joining the yearbook committee.

Data Confirmation

If you haven't already, please log into your Portal Account with Aeries ( ) and complete the data confirmation. After logging in, go to the Student Info tab and select Data Confirmation. It will have you confirm parent contact info, emergency contact info, medical information, read and acknowledge several policies, etc. Then please print the emergency card, review, sign, and bring it to the office. It is important that we have all contact and medical information on your child's emergency card (before we start back on campus on 9/28!). We will refer to this if there is ever a medical emergency with your child.

Hot Lunch Reminders

Orders are due tonight at 11:59pm for 9/30-10/6. We have 60 orders for 9/30 and only 15 for the October dates! Please check to make sure you’re one of the 15 that ordered for October!

As a reminder, please pick up your child’s meals on Mondays and Thursdays between 11.00 and 11.30am. We do not have enough room in the refrigerator to store the meals. Also please try to come during that time as that is when our staff is prepared to serve you.

If you haven’t done so yet, please fill out the free and reduced application found here: Thanks to the federal program, it doesn’t matter whether or not you qualify for free lunch, everyone in your household 18 years of age or younger will be eligible for a free lunch through December. Please fill this application out and either email it to or drop it off at our front office.

Lunch information during the on-campus hybrid schedule will be coming soon.

Preschool Available Spots

Spread the word: Given all of the uncertainty in the region caused by COVID, we still have spots available in our preschool this year. Preschool applications are accepted on a “first come, first served” basis.

Part time work - lunch staff and ASC

Given the increased number of lunch/recess groups we’re going to have as a part of our COVID mitigation plan, we’re going to be looking for more staff to work during our lunch periods and potentially during After School Care. If interested, please contact Mr. Baldonade at


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