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Summer Flyer #5 - August 15, 2022

Good Afternoon MMCA Families,

Can you believe our first day of school is THIS WEDNESDAY??!!! Several items for you today:

2022-2023 MMCA Parent Orientation Handbook

Our 2022-2023 edition of our MMCA Parent Orientation Handbook, available at this link. This handbook provides basic information about our school operations.

First Day of School Basics

Drop-off: Generally speaking, drop-off occurs from 8:10a-8:30a in the drive-through drop-off lanes at the front of campus. We know that, on the first day of school, particularly for K parents, some parents might want to drop their child off at their classroom. If you make this choice, please park in a designated parking spot at either our school site or the neighboring Margaret Azevedo park (there’s a paved path from Azevedo to our school site). We will allow parents on the playground during the first couple days of school - but when the bell rings, it’s time to go.

Pick-up: We have 12:00p early releases for our first three school days. We will have staff supervised pick-up.

A graphic representation of our general drop-off, pick-up and parking lot rules is at the end of this Flyer.

New Parent Information Night (NPIN) / Back to School Night (BSN)

On Thursday evening, we are going to have our annual ‘New Parent Information Night’ from 6-6:30p, and our ‘Back to School Night’ from 6:30-7:30p.

NPIN: This will be in the MPR, and it’ll be Mr. Boothby introducing himself to our new families and welcoming them to our school, going over the basics of some of our programs, and answering questions.

BSN: These will be teacher-led presentations within each of your child(ren)’s classrooms intended for all of our parents.

Breakfast / Lunch during the first two weeks of school:

Breakfast: Beginning Wednesday, breakfast will be served to all students who have pre-ordered beginning at 8:10a in the MPR.

Lunch: For the first 3 minimum days of school, students that have ordered hot lunches may pick them up when the 12:00p dismissal bell rings. Beginning next week, all lunches will be served during each students’ designated lunch period.

Class rosters

Our class rosters will be posted on our front office windows today. Each summer, I receive several questions with regards to my strategies for setting a class roster. My overall goal in developing any class roster is to try to establish a balanced classroom looking at these primary factors: 1) behavior, 2) academic ability, 3) gender and 4) grade level. While I will take parent requests into consideration, there will be circumstances where I will not be able to honor all requests, particularly when doing so would lead to an unbalanced classroom.


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