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COVID Protocols update, at home testing kits available for students

Good morning MMCA Families,

I have a couple COVID-related updates for you.

a) Within the past week the CDPH updated its guidance for schools and has reduced the isolation requirement for individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 to five days IF symptoms have resolved and they test negative on day five. Similarly, quarantine rules for students exposed to COVID outside of the school environment have been reduced to five days with a negative test. Our basic parent-student COVID protocols have been updated with these changes here.

b) Speaking of COVID tests: As you may have seen during the break, the state announced it was going to be providing at-home COVID tests to every student in the state. Their plan was to get the students the tests before the students returned from break. That did not happen. Placer County received its allotment of student tests yesterday, and we received our share of testing kits late yesterday afternoon. Because of an apparent testing kit shortage, we have enough kits for about 90% of our students. Starting today, we are making these kits available to our families on a one per child basis, first come, first serve, until we're out of kits. Kits may be picked up from our front office.

If you have any questions about our on-going COVID protocols or procedures, please feel free to reach out to me at


Brent Boothby,

Executive Director, M.M.C.A.


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