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10.5.20 Reminders

Good afternoon MMCA Community,

We had a great first week of 'physical school' with the kids last week, and we're looking forward to an even better second week!  A couple quick reminders for you:

A) Reminder 1: This week and next week are FOUR DAY weeks, with NO SCHOOL this FRIDAY and next MONDAY.

B) Reminder 2: We're asking everyone within our school community to do our symptom check DAILY at home - if we don't have sick people at school, we'll greatly minimize our chances of a COVID case at school.  Here's a link to our symptom check:

C) Drop-offs and Pick-ups (which we now have SIX per day) are going pretty well.  Two favors:

a) If you're in the 3:20p pick-up group and arrive before 3:20p, please find a parking spot so that we're not backing up traffic with our 3:10p pick-up group; and

b) For parents that have chosen to walk up to pick up their child(ren) at our black fence - please remember that we have to follow the state guidelines on this - adults need to be at least 6' apart from each other, and if for some reason you can't be, then we need to be wearing masks/shields. Thanks everyone! Mr. B


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