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MMCA Parents (and staff) Q&A on COVID-19 reopening plan

Good afternoon parents,

We had a good response to our 'ask questions about our COVID-19 reopening plan' yesterday, with about 25% of our students represented.  With a couple of the parent emails I've received essentially saying "can you get us more information sooner?," I've decided to publish the Parent Q&A today.  I have also included most of the Q&A's from the staff Q&A about the reopening plan.  Combined, I suspect they address most of the possible questions about the plan.

Here is a link to the Q&A:  https://c42096c6-2e4d-493d-bdff-126f872232dd.filesusr.com/ugd/4b8266_0e54efaa202a4ece8d3990f937a307c1.pdf Thanks, Brent


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