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Summer Update #2 - July 28, 2020

Good afternoon MMCA Families,

A few updates for you with our second Summer Flyer:

Educational Delivery RSVP for K-8th Grade Families

Thank you for the 140 RSVP’s that have already been submitted. The link to our 'RSVP' Google Form for you to select the start of the school year educational delivery method for your K-8th grade child(ren) is here:

Links to the reopening plan and the published Q&A are also available at the above link. The deadline to fill out the form is August 1st - we need everyone to ‘RSVP’ ASAP please.

As we enter August, whether or not we’ll be able to start the year with “Five day physical school” will most likely be predicated based on whether or not Placer County is on the ‘state COVID watch list.’ If we are on the watch list, we will start the school year in Distance Learning.

Children’s House (our preschool) Most Likely OPEN to Start the Year!

With child care still ‘fully open’ in Placer County and available to all families, we are planning to have our preschool to be physically OPEN to start the school year! Given the uncertainties related to COVID, we have several openings. If you know anyone looking for preschool and think we’re a good fit, please send them our email address to contact us.

Spring Laptop Check In

If you still have a laptop that you checked out in the spring, please return it during Summer office hours (Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). If you can't make it during business hours; call or email Denise ( to make other arrangements. Please return as soon as possible; our IT team has software updates that need to be installed before the new school year starts.

2020 Yearbooks AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP During Summer Office Hours

School Store Update:

We’ve updated the links on our School Store page to make both school supply orders and school uniform orders electronic. Specifically:

Student Supplies (NOTE EARLY ORDER pricing deadline has been extended to 8/5):

New parents: One of our traditions at MMCA has been to bulk buy the core student school supplies on behalf of our families. We’ve done this for two reasons:

  1. To save you the time, energy and hassle of going to several different stores to pick up all of the items on our published school supplies list; and

  2. To save you SIGNIFICANT $ by bulk-buying these supplies on your behalf.

Depending on grade level, our ACTUAL cost for these supplies is approximately $75-$85 per student. We are going to continue the promotion we did last year related to school supplies:

Buy early and save! Purchase supplies for only $50 now thru 8/5; $60 8/6-8/18; and $70 8/19 and later. School Supplies can be purchased on our website at this link:

Student Uniforms

This year, we have made our student uniform ordering process electronic as well. Click on the item(s) you’d like (between t-shirt, moisture wicking shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt) and select sizes and then proceed to e-checkout. Our uniform provider requires bulk orders. Our first order has been turned in for processing; second ordering deadline will be 8/5.


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