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Summer Flyer #5 August 20, 2020 Update

August 20, 2020 Update

Good Afternoon MMCA Families,

Today’s update includes information about our upcoming Back to School Nights, K-8th Grade Distance Learning Week 1 update, Laptop checkouts, Hot Lunch Ordering (deadline for ordering for our first week of available Hot Lunch is TODAY), and an Edgenuity kids update. I recognize, particularly with some of the scheduling items below, that we’re not giving the amount of notice we would normally give for these types of events, and I sincerely apologize for that. The rules / circumstances related to COVID-19 and what we can/cannot do are still EXTREMELY FLUID and seemingly changing continuously. Please recognize that our number one priority is providing the best educational experience possible for your child(ren) during these unprecedented circumstances.

Back to School Night Schedule Next week:

Children’s House (our Preschool): Monday, 8/24/20, 6:00p in MPR - Since our preschool is considered “licensed childcare” and not “school”, and since our student numbers are low enough, we can do an “in person” BSN with physical distancing measures in place.

For our K-8th Grade classrooms: We are going to have to do ZOOM based Back to School Nights for each classroom. Each classroom will be sending ZOOM invitations via email to their families. The schedule for our K-8th Grade BSN’s will be:

Monday, 8/24/20, 5:30-6:30p: Purple (K/1st Grade) and Yellow Rooms (K/1st grade)

Tuesday, 8/25/20, 5:30-6:30p: Aqua Room (4/5th grade)

Tuesday, 8/25/20, 6:30-7:30p: Orange Room (6th grade)

Wednesday, 8/26,20, 5:30-6:30p: Red Room (2/3rd grade), Coral Room (4/5th grade)

Thursday, 8/27/20, 5:30-6:30p: Blue Room (2/3rd grade)

Thursday, 8/27/20, 6:30-730p: Green Rooms (7/8th grade)

K-8th Grade Distance Learning Week 1 update

Our class rosters are done, and teachers are receiving them (along with all parent contact information) this afternoon. By tomorrow morning, I believe each classroom will be emailing all of their families. For our kids doing distance learning with their teachers, they will be sending the equivalent of a SignUpGenius for next week. We WILL be able to, in very small groups (4 students or less per hour), bring students on to campus so that 1) teachers and students can have some real ‘face’ time with each other, 2) teachers can go over their basic expectations of the first couple of weeks of school, 3) teachers can give very basic assessments so that we know where the kids are at and 4) students can pick up any school supplies and materials that they may need during distance learning.

With the teacher - student in-person check-ins next week, we have some COVID oriented rules that we’ll need our parents/students to follow:

  1. Parents: Please bring your child to their classroom; after brief introductions with the teachers, please leave the room and come back to the classroom at the teacher designated pick-up time.

  2. Parents need to be wearing cloth masks or face shields when they walk into the classroom; students 4th grade and up need to be wearing cloth masks or face shields when they come into the classroom; for students 3rd grade and younger we recommend wearing cloth masks or face shields, but they are not required.

Checking out laptops for families that need them

Laptop checkouts began yesterday. Our IT team temporarily imaged about 40 laptops for student use at home. For the first couple days of checkout, I’m restricting it to (1) laptop per family. Tomorrow, we’ll allow families with multiple siblings to come back to check out additional devices if we need to. If we end up checking out all 40 laptops, I will have our IT team reimage more of our laptops and have them available at some point next week.

Hot Lunch Update

The deadline for ordering hot lunch for the week of August 31st is TODAY! We will begin serving hot lunch on Monday, 8/31. While we are in distance learning, hot lunch orders will be due two Thursdays before the week of service. For the week of August 31, orders will be due on Thursday, August 20. Your status from last year will roll over for 30 days (if you received free meals last year that status will remain for 30 days). In that time you will need to fill out a new application for free or reduced price meals, unless your child is directly certified through the county. You will receive a letter from MMCA if your child has been direct-certified.

If you are new to our school. We serve lunches from Revolution Foods. Orders are collected and paid for on the Boonli website ( ). To create an account click "create an account" and our school password is "MMCA1." Prices are $3.85 for paid lunches, $.40 for reduced-price and $0.00 for free.

To start the school year, we will have “lunches only.” After we’re back into the groove of ‘site-based’ instruction, we will introduce a breakfast option. Also, students who chose Edgenuity will have the opportunity to continue ordering hot lunch and will have a designated pick up time to pick up their lunch.

Edgenuity Update

We are ‘ready to go’ with our 6th-8th grade Edgenuity students; for K-5th grade, we are still waiting on Edgenuity to get our K-5th grade kids registered. They are slammed at the moment, and prioritizing processing by school start dates (contextually, I’m aware Rocklin Unified enrolled about 1500 students in Edgenuity last week...multiply that across the entire state and you can understand their backlog). As soon as we have K-5 access (hopefully tomorrow, possibly early next week), we will set up orientations with all of our Edgenuity kids/families regarding expectations, how to login and use the program, etc.


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