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School closed for Thursday November 15, 2018

Good evening MMCA Families,

As of 7:00p, the Air quotient index for our region is 330. Based on that number, we have made the decision to close school tomorrow. This includes our K-8 program, our Preschool and our Before/After Care Program. We will make the decision regarding whether or not to be open Friday tomorrow by 6:00p.m.

I am aware that Dr. Robert Oldham of the Placer County Division Director of Public Health, has advised Placer County schools to remain open tomorrow, and that school districts like Rocklin Unified, Dry Creek and Roseville are following his advice. As of 8:00p, I believe Western Placer is the only other school district within Placer County that has decided to close tomorrow.

Since tomorrow’s closure is not a mandated closure by the state, county or school district, we will be required to “make up” the school day at a future date this year. I will be recommending to our Board to add this “make up” day to our calendar during the week of March 18, 2019.

I apologize for the late notice.


Mr. B

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