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Thursday Flyer - February 18, 2021

Thursday Flyer 2.18.2021

Walking path from School to Church Parking Lot - sheep update!

Heads up - The city put up their sheep fencing for the first round of 'sheep mowing' this afternoon. While there is still a 3-4' path from the D-2 sidewalk available to kids/parents to the church parking lot, our ‘normal’ path with bridge access to the church parking lot will be blocked for the next 1-2 weeks while the sheep are here. Please be careful as you’re walking along this temporary path, and drivers please be aware that students/parents will be closer to the driveway than they normally are.

COVID-19 Update

Negotiations are on-going between the Governor and the State Legislature regarding his latest “school reopening plan.” When details are finalized, I will share them. Regarding vaccinations, approximately 20% of Placer County’s education and child care workers have received the first immunization shot for COVID-19 (MMCA’s numbers are around 20% as well). Let’s continue our due diligence regarding all of our mitigation measures. As a reminder, our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student/staff illness and quarantines are available here.

March Hot Lunch Menu is Now Open

It’s a little late, but we opened the March Menu earlier this week. Please make sure you order for your child for March. We always have a few students at the beginning of the month who miss out on ordering. We will have plenty of lunches available even if they don’t order, but you can make sure your child is getting what they like by ordering.


Today, our PTA sent home a letter regarding a PTA Membership Drive for the rest of this school year and next year, as well as the MMCA PTA Membership Form and a flyer regarding PTA apparel. Electronic copies of what was sent home with the students is also available here, including:

Hello from MMCA PTA Letter: PTA Hello MMCA Families.docx

Order Form for MMCA PTA Apparel available on the bottom of the MMCA PTA webpage:

Lunch Recess / ASC Staff

We’re looking for additional paid PT staff to help us out. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact Mr. Baldonade at

8th Grade Parents: High School Registration Heads Up

It is now time for parents of eighth grade students to begin the registration process for high school. If you plan on attending your local high school (based on where you live) you will need to register your child. If you do not plan on attending your local high school, you will need to get approval for an interdistrict transfer from one or both of the schools/districts.


We will no longer be taking general uniform clothing donations but will continue to take any MMCA logo shirts or sweatshirts. We still have a large inventory available for your children so please send requests to Whitney Hernandez at with any requests.

Drop-off / Pick-up Reminder during Hybrid

3:20p pick up parents (1st/3rd/6th): If you arrive at school before 3:20p, please park in a designated parking spot. It makes getting through our 3:10p pick up cars much faster!

Yearbook PreSales DEADLINE is March 31

Yearbooks are available for presale through Jostens for $30 through March 31. Reserve your copy today. The only way to guarantee your child’s yearbook is to preorder by 3/31.


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