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Contact Info​​

Maria Montessori Charter Academy

1850 Wildcat Blvd.

Rocklin, CA 95765

916-630-1510 Phone

916-624-7305 Fax


Executive Director

Brent Boothby


Office Manager

Cynthia Brown

Business Manager

Brooke Johnson

Before & After Care Program


Lunch Supervision

Music Program Coordinator

Ray Baldonade

School Custodian

Jason Mikels



Athletic Program Coordinator

Brent Boothby

Garden Docent Coordinator

Kristin Thomas

Yearbook Committee

Afterschool Club Coordinators

Brent Boothby


Ray Baldonade

Board of Directors President

Chris Ward

PTA President

Melissa Curle


School Location

Our school is located in a a suburban area in North Rocklin near the south Lincoln border.  MMCA is a public charter school and enrollment is open to residents through Placer County, Sacramento County, and the surrounding areas.  

Teaching Staff

Children's House(Pre-K)

Mrs. Stefanie Baldonade,

Mrs. Millie McKinnon,

Ms. Dakota Bagg, 

Ms. Cameron Gibson, 

Yellow Room (K-1)

Mrs. Saisha Medeiros,

Mrs. Carol Royal,

Purple Room (K-1)

Mrs. Kristen Weiss,

Mrs. Tina Laube,

Red Room (2-3)

Mrs. Jill Wallace,

Mrs. Codi Wibbenhorst,

Blue Room (2-3)

Mrs. Darlene Harper,

Mrs. Becky Schmich,

Aqua Room (4-5)

Mrs. Teresa Halbert,

Mrs. Kristy Mitchell,

Coral Room (4-5)

Mrs. Chrystee Boothby,

Mrs. Laura Crouch,

Orange Room (6)

Mrs. Julie Cohodes,

Mrs. Adrienne Garcia,

Green Room (7-8)

Mrs. Kristin Thomas, 

Mrs. Alison Watkins,

Mr. Adam Barnes, 

Ms. Tracy Melendez,

Intervention Teacher

Jennifer Solinksy,

RSP Teacher

Mrs. Carrie Kurpershoek,

Aide:  Ms. Mehri Pazeky, 

Speech Teacher

Ms. Ilse Rodriquez,

School Psychologist 

Mrs. Rita Thiara,

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