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Thursday Flyer 1/14/21

Thursday Flyer 1.14.2021

NO SCHOOL MONDAY, 1/18/21 (M.L.K. Jr. Holiday)

COVID-19 Update

We received an update yesterday from the County that vaccinations should be available to school staff by February 1st. Their current guess for vaccination availability for students is late spring. Additionally, heads up: At some point within the next 72 hours or so, the Governor is supposed to be releasing completely new COVID guidelines for public schools. Having seen rough drafts of these guidelines over the last six weeks or so, I suspect we’re going to be required to change aspects of our current plan. I’ve likewise received mixed messages from Placer County Public Health regarding what their priorities will be within the new guidelines. As I learn more details of the new guidelines and how they could change what we’re doing, I’ll share them with the community.

With each of our classrooms right now, I am currently brainstorming options with each of our teaching teams regarding providing additional instruction to students that are performing below grade level that we believe are doing so because of “learning loss caused by COVID mitigations.” (state term) Some of those mitigation strategies could involve bringing students onto campus on Wednesdays for additional targeted instruction. A couple classrooms have sent surveys home in the past couple days regarding kids on campus on Wednesdays - with our 7/8th graders, for example, we’re looking at bringing all of them back to get them their practicum for our Teen CERT program. Bigger picture, we’re looking at ways to maximize instructional opportunities within the probable rules of the new guidelines.

Finally, while we have a few more people quarantined this week due to outside of school exposures, our total case numbers remain the same. Let's continue our diligence regarding all of our mitigation measures. As a reminder, our basic COVID-19 protocols regarding student/staff illness and quarantines are available here.

Preschool Enrollment for 2021/2022

We will begin accepting enrollment for 2021-2022 Children’s House on Friday, 1/15. Children’s House is our preschool program for children ages 3.5 to 5 years old. Students must be potty trained and able to follow simple instructions. The enrollment packet can be found on our website at Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Call the office to schedule a tour.

21/22 Enrollment Lottery Applications for Siblings

If you have students that will be starting at MMCA next year (an example is you have a kindergarten sibling starting in 21/22) you MUST fill out an application for the lottery. Applications are due by 2/15/21 and can be found at this link:

DO NOT fill out an application for returning students; they do not go through the lottery process. See Re-Enrollment instructions below for details on how to complete the “Intent to Return”.

Lifetouch Make Up Picture Dates

Heads up: Make-up days for pictures will be on Thursday, 1/21 (noon-3pm) and Friday, 1/22 (8:30am-11:30am). Pictures from the December picture dates have been distributed. If you’d like your student to get a picture retake, please send the photo package to school with your child on the Make Up date(s). Edgenuity students, please plan on coming to get your picture taken on one of these days! We need your pictures for the yearbook!

Existing Students Re-Enrollment Time

It’s lottery time! That means that we need to get an accurate count of returning students so that we know how many new students we can accept in the lottery. The process has changed for this year; we will be utilizing the Aeries Parent Portals Data Confirmation Process to confirm your child’s enrollment for next year. Go to: and login. Click “Student Info” and choose “Data Confirmation” from the drop down menu. The data confirmation will guide you through confirming contact, medical, and authorization information. At the end click “Finish and Submit” and you will receive a confirmation that your student has completed the “Intent to Return.” You do not need to contact the school office. Please contact Denise at with any login issues.

Please take a moment to complete and submit no later than February 15th. If your child’s data confirmation is not complete by 2/15, they risk losing their spot to a new student in the lottery.

2020 Tax Statements from Procare

You can print a tax statement from the Procare website (not the app) here: After logging in, click "Payments" in the menu on the left. From there, you'll see a page that lists your invoices and payments. You can specify a date range (1/1/20 through 12/31/20) and create a pdf by clicking the "statement" button in the upper right of the page. If you have any problems, please contact Denise at


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