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Educational Delivery choice RSVP form

Good afternoon MMCA Families,

The link to our 'RSVP' Google Form for you to select the start of the school year educational delivery method for your K-8th grade child(ren) is here:

The deadline to fill out the form is August 1st - we need everyone to RSVP.

We will be sending out a 'normal' Summer Flyer in the next few days that will have information on school supplies (and an extension of the early order deadline), hot lunch registration, Before / Aftercare registration, and more.  The couple things I'll add since our ZOOM call on Tuesday:

1) As mentioned during the ZOOM call, for the site-based option to occur, Placer County needs to be off the state's "COVID watchlist" for 14 days and not be on the list when school starts.  Most likely, if Placer County is on the 'COVID watchlist' at the start of our school year, we will be in Distance Learning to start the school year.

2) New from Tuesday: I just learned that once schools are able to start 'physical school', if their county is subsequently put on the watchlist the school will be able to stay OPEN.

3) Children's House (preschool) parents: As of today, Placer County is "open" for childcare for all families - assuming that's the case when school starts, we are planning to be OPEN for preschool, even if our K-8 program is in 'distance learning'.

4) Delaying the start of school: I mentioned during the Zoom call that I'm thinking about recommending a 1-2 week delay in the start of the school year if it improves our chances for Placer County to be off the state COVID watchlist.  For context, neighboring Butte County just made this recommendation to their schools.  Locally, I'm aware both Rocklin Unified and Western Placer both prefer site-based instruction, and W.P. is thinking about a later start date.

Thanks everyone,



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