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August 24th Updates

Good Afternoon MMCA Families,

A couple quick reminders / updates for you:

Attendance:  With school starting this week, we expect all of our 'Distance Learning' students to be attending their Zoom / Google Meet lessons.  We recognize there's going to be hiccups (on our end as well), but we want to get the kids into a 'school routine' as soon as possible.  Same thing for Edgenuity students - once you've had your orientations with the program this week, we expect you to be working hard within the program on every school day.

K-8 Back to School Night Zoom Schedule (email invitations sent from each classroom; if you did not receive it, please contact your child's classroom directly)

Monday, 8/24/20, 5:30-6:30p: Purple (K/1st Grade) and Yellow Rooms (K/1st grade) Tuesday, 8/25/20, 5:30-6:30p: Aqua Room (4/5th grade) Tuesday, 8/25/20, 6:30-7:30p: Orange Room (6th grade) Wednesday, 8/26,20, 5:30-6:30p: Red Room (2/3rd grade), Coral Room (4/5th grade) Thursday, 8/27/20, 5:30-6:30p: Blue Room (2/3rd grade) Thursday, 8/27/20, 6:30-730p: Green Rooms (7/8th grade)

Edgenuity Parents: 

With this week technically being a "Minimum Day Week" with the meet and greets, we will be starting your work calendar THIS THURSDAY.  Additionally, we are going to do a program orientation ZOOM call to show students and parents how to use the program and answer all of the "who / what / where / why how" questions.  The times for the Edgenuity Zoom-based orientations will be as follows:

6th-8th Grade: Tuesday, 8/25/20, 9:30a K-2nd Grade: Wednesday, 8/26/20, 9:30a 3rd-5th Grade: Wednesday, 8/26/20, 11:00a Additionally, I've asked each of our classroom teachers to KEEP you on their email communications lists - 99% of what they send will NOT apply to you - I just wanted you to be connected to your child's classroom for when they (eventually) come back.  The email addresses I want our Edgenuity families to pay attention to will be either:,, or the Edgenuity teacher emails, all of which will have an extension.

Laptop checkouts

We have checked out over 80 laptops in the past few days and are almost out of our temporarily re-imaged 'student use at home' laptops.  We can reimage some more, but I would like to gauge how many we are going to need.  If you need a laptop, please reply to this email with "I need a laptop for __" so that I can let our I.T. team know how many additional laptops we will need.

Thank you all,



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