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Special COVID related Flyers / Newsletters

Parent communication is crucial to the success of our school, and we communicate with our families primarily through three written sources:

All of our school based communications are sent home via email, posted on our Facebook page, and put on our Blog.  

To be added to our email distribution list, send an email to with “subscribe” in the subject line.

Special Communications:

Existing COVID Reopening Plan (Board approved June 2020)

COVID-19 reopening Q & A

Placer County Office of Education Testing Matrix

"What happens if my child is sick, exposed outside of school, COVID-19 on campus, etc.?"

"What will my hybrid school day look like?"

2021 CDPH Checklist

2021 CPP

2021-2022 Close Contact Quarantine not required parent note

March 4, 2021 Parent Letter

Spring 2021 P-T Conference Sign Up Instructions (during COVID)

2021-2022 MMCA Parent Orientation Handbook

MMCA Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant

MMCA ESSER III Expenditure Plan

MMCA Response to revised CDPH Guidance (August 2022)

Placer SPCA Drive

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