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Summer Flyer #4 (HOT LUNCH) - August 10, 2023

Summer Flyer #4: August 10, 2023 - School Breakfast & Lunch Program 23-24 School Year

Upcoming Events:

  • 8/15 - Children’s House “Meet your teachers day”

  • 8/15 - Kindergarten students (and new 1st grade student) “Meet your teachers day” - 10:00a - 11:00a

  • 8/16 - First Day of School - Minimum Day

  • 8/16-18 - Minimum Days - 12:00p dismissal

  • 8/17 - New Parent Info. Night (6:00p), Back to School Night, (6:30p)

Good morning MMCA Families,

Time to talk School breakfast and Lunch. MMCA participates in the National School Lunch Program (aka, “NSLP”). This means that we will serve both breakfast and lunch on almost all of our school days to every student that wants it.

This year again in California, all breakfast and lunches ordered for students are FREE - there is no cost.

Within our NSLP program, our onsite school lead is Jenefer Mikels (, assisted by Jason Mitchell ( In addition, we have two partners outside of our school for our NSLP program:

  1. Revolution Foods: Rev Foods is our food/beverage supplier for our NSLP program

  2. Boonli: Boonli is the online ordering platform we use for our families

Order deadlines for breakfast/lunch are ONE WEEK in advance of the week being served. Example: Orders placed by Sunday, 8/13/23 @ 11:59 pm will be for the week of 8/20/23.

How to order breakfast / lunch:

Returning families that already have a Boonli account: Login to your account and place your order. Menus for both breakfast and lunch are available for August.

New families that need to create a Boonli account:

Our MMCA Boonli ordering website is available at this link:

Instructions on how to setup a Boonli account are available HERE

Note: It’s going to ask what classroom your child is in - don’t worry about that - just select a classroom that has your child’s grade level, and we will get them adjusted after class rosters are finalized. K-1 = Purple/Yellow, 2-3= Red/Blue, 4-5=Aqua/Coral, 6=Orange, 7-8=Green.

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