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Upcoming Winter Performances & Drop and Shop

Winter Assembly Performances

Good afternoon MMCA families,

This Friday, we will be having our annual Winter Assembly with the students - it's basically a sing-a-long. Unfortunately, this is a staff / student ONLY event. Ultimately, this comes down to fairness and our limited physical capacity. Our Multi-Purpose Room Fire Marshal Capacity Limit is 376 people. With students and staff, when we do a whole school Assembly, we're over 350 people. It wouldn't be fair if I 'picked and chose' which families could come and which could not to our Assemblies. As a compromise, like last year, we're going to video-record each performance group, and then upload each video to an unlisted YouTube Channel. These videos cannot be searched for on YouTube, and can only be viewed by clicking on the links we will provide you on Friday. Please realize that the video links are intended as PRIVATE links intended for distribution WITHIN the MMCA COMMUNITY ONLY. We will not be posting these either on our website or our Facebook page.

Thank you for your understanding on this,

Mr. B

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