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August 24th Updates

Good Afternoon MMCA Families,

A couple quick reminders / updates for you:

Attendance:  With school starting this week, we expect all of our 'Distance Learning' students to be attending their Zoom / Google Meet lessons.  We recognize there's going to be hiccups (on our end as well), but we want to get the kids into a 'school routine' as soon as possible.  Same thing for Edgenuity students - once you've had your orientations with the program this week, we expect you to be working hard within the program on every school day.

K-8 Back to School Night Zoom Schedule (email invitations sent from each classroom; if you did not receive it, please contact your child's classroom directly)

Monday, 8/24/20, 5:30-6:30p: Purple (K/1st Grade) and Yellow Rooms (K/1st grade) Tuesday, 8/25/20, 5:30-6:30p: Aqua Room (4/5th grade) Tuesday, 8/25/20, 6:30-7:30p: Orange Room (6th grade) Wednesday, 8/26,20, 5:30-6:30p: Red Room (2/3rd grade), Coral Room (4/5th grade) Thursday, 8/27/20, 5:30-6:30p: Blue Room (2/3rd grade) Thursday, 8/27/20, 6:30-730p: Green Rooms (7/8th grade)

Edgenuity Parents: 

With this week technically being a "Minimum Day Week" with the meet and greets, we will be starting your work calendar THIS THURSDAY.  Additionally, we are going to do a program orientation ZOOM call to show students and parents how to use the program and answer all of the "who / what / where / why how" questions.  The times for the Edgenuity Zoom-based orientations will be as follows:

6th-8th Grade: Tuesday, 8/25/20, 9:30a https://zoom.us/j/96511382716?pwd=ZXpVRVE1UXNFdlN6N2FZaUlyaTNBZz09 K-2nd Grade: Wednesday, 8/26/20, 9:30a https://zoom.us/j/92228777482?pwd=dURQZGw4eGxiTzFsb09Ib3ZyNnk1QT09 3rd-5th Grade: Wednesday, 8/26/20, 11:00a https://zoom.us/j/97479589094?pwd=MEJjTE5DS1dQYmdGcWlNTDJsZG9Ndz09 Additionally, I've asked each of our classroom teachers to KEEP you on their email communications lists - 99% of what they send will NOT apply to you - I just wanted you to be connected to your child's classroom for when they (eventually) come back.  The email addresses I want our Edgenuity families to pay attention to will be either: edgenuity@mmcharter.org, brent@mmcharter.org, or the Edgenuity teacher emails, all of which will have an @edgenuity.com extension.

Laptop checkouts

We have checked out over 80 laptops in the past few days and are almost out of our temporarily re-imaged 'student use at home' laptops.  We can reimage some more, but I would like to gauge how many we are going to need.  If you need a laptop, please reply to this email with "I need a laptop for __" so that I can let our I.T. team know how many additional laptops we will need.

Thank you all,



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